The 2023-24 Panini Noir NBA Trading Card Box (Hobby) contains 10 cards per pack and 1 pack per box!

• Noir returns with quality designs and on-card Autographs in which collectors can find 3 Base/Base Parallels or Inserts, 3 Memorabilia cards, and 4
Autographs per box!

• All Autographs offered in Noir are on-card, which includes the popular Sneaker Spotlight Signatures and Spotlight Signatures! Also search for Ceremonial Orange, Stars and Stripes Autograph Gear, Emblazoned Ink, Midnight Signatures and Capstones, which are all new autograph sets this year!

• Find base cards with players in Icon and Association edition jerseys in parallels such as Holo Silver (#’d/49), Gold (#’d/10), Holo Gold (#’d/5), and Platinum one-of-ones! Also search for player Icon and Association edition jerseys in the new Holo Red (#’d/25) parallel!

• Chase after Metal Frame inserts such as Feature Length, Vintage Art, as well as well both Motion Picture and Critically Acclaimed, which are both new to Noir!

• Search for Memorabilia cards that include prime and super-prime swatches!

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